Damascus Middle School Students Compete in Dramatic Reading

A group of students sit on a couch holding books.Damascus Middle School 4-H members recently competed in the Dramatic Reading contest, in which they performed a short reading from their choice of literature.  They were awarded points in each of the following areas: introduction of the piece, tone and emphasis, speed and rhythm, facial expression, and body language.

The purpose of the dramatic reading competition is to build better oral language skills when communicating to a group.  The following students were red-ribbon winners: Quaheim B., Kendel H., Katie L., and Keegan W. Blue-ribbon winners were as follows: Deanna A., Brady B., Carson B., Morgan C., Abigail C., Lucas C., Bailey D., Liyah F., Claudia F., Jenna G., Ryland H., KayLeigh H., Cody H., Laura H., Jordan K., Lucas L., Jessica L., Chandler L., Gibson M., Taylor M., Parker N., Maggie O., Hailey R., Kealey R., Koleby R., Cameron R., Seth S., Bethany S., Alexis T., Braxton V., Drew W., and Morgan W.  These blue-ribbon winners may represent Damascus Middle School at the county-wide competition in March!

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Valerie Cox