Damascus Middle School Students Expand Their Science Knowledge

A group of boys holding fish food stand next to a fenced stream.On Friday, November 21, sixth-grade students from Damascus Middle School left the school, but they did not leave learning behind. The girls spent the day at the Higher Education Center in Abingdon involved in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Conference, where they learned about robotics, engineering, and DNA extraction, among other topics.

This opportunity to learn about STEM subjects in a “girls only” environment is an effort to encourage girls to pursue higher education in these fields, where they have traditionally been underrepresented. The boys traveled to the Marion State Fish Hatchery, where they had the opportunity to feed the different species of trout raised there. They learned that trout prefer cold water and observed the system that the Hatchery uses for separating the fish by species and size. The next time the boys go fishing, they will know more about what they are catching. Regardless of where they spent their day, all of the sixth-graders came back to school with more knowledge of the field of science!  

Contact Person: 
Valerie Cox