Damascus Middle School Students Research Local Folklore

A group of students sits at a table as an adult tells stories.Author Joe Tennis thrilled students in Ms. Katherine Wright’s eighth-grade English class this past week as he paid a visit to their class to share his research of haunted tales with them! 

The students are currently conducting a research project on folklore from our region.  Several of them have listened intently as scary tales have been passed down to them by oral tradition about places in our area, including the Virginia Creeper Trail, the Barter Theatre, Emory & Henry College, the Martha Washington Inn, and the Tavern.  After reading or hearing some of the different versions of these haunted tales that exist and researching the historical background of the settings of these tales (advice given to them by Tennis), the students will combine these in their final research papers, just as Tennis does in his books!  The results should be both informative and entertaining!

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Valerie Cox