Damascus Middle School | Teacher of the Year

A woman talking to four seated students.Congratulations to sixth-grade math teacher Mrs. Melissa Childress who was selected as Damascus Middle School’s 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year! Before Mrs. Childress came to Damascus Middle School over two years ago, she taught math for eleven years in Wise County Public Schools.

In the classroom, Mrs. Childress is energetic and seeks to make math both applicable and fun, often using games to teach important skills.  Her students find math less intimidating; one student says, “She makes learning easier.  I stink at math, and this year it has been easier, because she explains things better.”  Another student comments, “When she works with you, she doesn’t make you feel like you’re not good at math.”  This approach comes from Mrs. Childress’s belief that caring for the students is the most important part of her role as a teacher.  She says, “The most significant factor in my decision to pursue the field of education is my ongoing desire to work with children who need extra encouragement, love, and support. For some students, the place where they receive the most motivation and positive reinforcement is at school.  I have faith that I can make a genuine difference in the lives of those children, because my mission is to inspire all my students, regardless of their ability levels or personal backgrounds.”  She is truly an inspiration, not only to her students, but also to her colleagues!  Damascus Middle School is proud to have Mrs. Melissa Childress to represent us as Teacher of the Year!

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Valerie Cox