Delegate Israel O’Quinn Visits Damascus Middle School

An adult talks to a group of students.Just as the typical sixth-grader gets nervous about giving a class presentation, Delegate Israel O’Quinn used to experience anxiety when he spoke in front of others! He shared some of his strategies for coping with anxiety with Damascus Middle School sixth-graders during their Life Skills lesson on Friday, October 31.

Leader Ms. Kelly Thomas began the lesson by discussing some possible ways to cope with anxiety, like taking deep breaths, doing relaxation exercises, and thinking positive thoughts. She also conducted a quick student survey to discover that the majority of sixth-graders view a class presentation as more stressful than homework, regular tests, or SOLs, because of the risk of public embarrassment involved. Students were definitely ready to hear some advice from O’Quinn, someone who frequently speaks in front of large groups of people. O’Quinn told them that preparing well in advance is the biggest help to him in overcoming his anxiety; a tip that will hopefully encourage students to prepare well before their presentations in order to win out over their nerves!   

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Valerie Cox