Delegate Israel O’Quinn Visits Damascus Middle School

A man giving a presentation.On Tuesday, October 24, 5th District House of Delegates member Israel O’Quinn visited Damascus Middle School to speak to Mrs. Wendy Cole’s seventh-grade civics classes.

Delegate O’Quinn discussed the legislative process at the state level, including how bills are passed through committee and how difficult it is to get a bill passed through to full house vote. While the General Assembly is in session in Richmond, O’Quinn works tirelessly to be an advocate for the 5th District he represents.  Some of the issues that he feels strongly about include making sure that southwest Virginia is allotted its fair share of the state’s biennial budget and jobs and education in Southwest Virginia.  According to Delegate O’Quinn, one of his favorite parts of being a delegate is that he gets to travel around Southwest Virginia and talk to the people, hearing their concerns and voicing those concerns on their behalf in Richmond.  When asked if he would ever consider being a part of the national Legislative branch, he answered, “No, I enjoy being able to spend time with the people and representing the people in my district.”  We appreciate all that Delegate O’Quinn does for our district!

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Wendy Cole