DMS Donna Musick is Virginia’s Agriculture in the Classroom Teacher of the Year

A teacher shows four students how to mix pudding in a bag.Mrs. Donna Musick has been named Virginia’s Agriculture in the Classroom Teacher of the Year.  This award recognizes efforts by a teacher to incorporate agriculture into his or her teaching, something Mrs. Musick seeks to do on a regular basis.

As a sixth-grade science teacher, “she has created an agriculture dictionary and organizes special agriculture-themed days like “Ag-citing Fridays.  Her students explore life cycles, economics, and career and project planning through her agricultural emphasis, and she created the Opportunity Ag Program, which has included incubating eggs and raising Angus calves” (Agriculture in the Classroom).  Mrs. Musick will receive a stipend for her classroom and is looking forward to using her scholarship to the 2016 Agriculture in the Classroom Conference in sunny Phoenix, Arizona this summer!

Contact Person: 
Valerie Cox