DMS Sixth-Grade Chorus Exploratory Class Jazzes it Up!

A group of students stand behind a piano with a teacher.Under the direction of Mrs. Sue Spirup’s student teacher Mr. Nick Dennis, the sixth-grade Chorus Exploratory class took their audience back to the time of the Great Depression.  Mr. Dennis introduced the program by telling sixth-graders that even though they have been learning about the difficulties experienced during the Great Depression in their history class, the music of the time period included both the Blues and Swing or Jazz.  The Blues could be expected, as people lamented their lot in life; however, the Swing or Jazz music brought out the positive things in life, even during tough times.  The program began with a jazz piece, “I Got Rhythm,” and the performers certainly showed rhythm as they danced!  Although the audience enjoyed the Blues numbers, the crowd favorite was definitely “Hit Me with a Hot Note and Watch Me Bounce.”  Showing their rhythm were the following students: Emily B., Blaize C., Dale C., Nathaniel D., Ryan J., Katie L., Bethany S., and Joshua W.

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Valerie Cox