DMS Student Demonstrates Her “Horse Sense” in Hippology Contest!

A student holds two trophies while sitting in front of a horse poster.On Saturday, February 28, Damascus Middle School sixth-grader Kay Leigh H. competed in the Southwest District 4-H Hippology Contest at the Southwest Virginia 4-H Educational Center in Abingdon and came away with two first-place trophies!  Hippology is the study of Horses, and this is something Kay Leigh has done with a passion since she was very young.

The contest consisted of a written exam, identification of items shown in pictures, identification of feedstuffs or feed tags, judging, ID stations, and team problem solving.  Kay Leigh not only received the highest overall individual score in the junior division, but she was also a member of the top junior team in the competition.  One would expect that preparation for this contest would have required intensive study; however, Kay Leigh says that she didn’t really cram before the competition. Considering the fact that she has spent much of her life studying horses, her knowledge of them is just plain “horse sense!” Kay Leigh is looking forward to participating in the 4-H Breyer Model Horse Show in March.

Contact Person: 
Valerie Cox