Egypt comes to HPES

miniature pyramids.Have you ever wondered what life would be like without clocks, calendars, and paper?  How would we tell time ,know what day of the week or month of the year it was, or even write a letter?  We can thank the ancient Egyptians for these contributions to the world.

The Egyptians were also responsible for the construction of pyramids which is considered a great contribution to architecture.  The 2nd Graders at High point Elementary School have been learning about all of these wonderful things the ancient Egyptians have given to the world in their latest Social Studies unit.  Students were asked to construct their own pyramids using whatever material they could think of.  We had pyramids come in built from everything!  Legos, Styrofoam blocks, Rice Krispie Treats, and even marshmallows were just a few of the creative items used by our imaginative students.  The culminating activity will be a program on Egypt that will be performed for our PTA on February 26th.

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Meredith Doane