First Friends At Valley Institute Complete Service Project

Four girls and one boy standing around boxes filled with various itemsElla S., Chloe J., Kylie B., Laci F., and Logan L. were busy putting their last items into the ten shoe boxes to help put a smile on a child's face at Christmas in another country.  First Friends is sponsored by Guidance Counselor Ms. Anderson. They have been working since the beginning of October on this as their first service project of the year. 

First Friends are fourth and fifth graders who are dedicated to modeling good citizenship and respect throughout the school.  Their motto is "We may not be able to do a lot, but it shouldn't stop us from doing a little!" Thank you to the teachers, staff, and students of Valley Institute for donating the toys, school supplies, hygiene items, books, and even the $7.00 fee per box to ship the boxes.  This is another example of how the students of Valley have the opportunity to touch the lives of children from all of the world!

Contact Person: 
Angela Harman