First Graders at Greendale Elementary Learn about Realistic Fiction

Five children, three girls and two boys, stand behind their projects made out of boxes to highlight a favorite book from The Boxcar Children series.First graders at Greendale Elementary School have been reading The Boxcar Children books and having an exciting time learning new vocabulary, enjoying the genre of realistic fiction, and comprehending a story set around 75 years ago.

Students, along with their families, were invited to create a diorama of the boxcar; including characters, outdoor scenes, details of the interior of the boxcar, etc.  Some students were extremely creative with their design and included items such as the shelf, dishes, ladle, clothesline, Benny's wagon, the brook, waterfall, “refrigerator”, kettle, Watch (with a bandaged leg), etc.  If you’ve read the story, you will understand the excitement of seeing these details brought to life in a diorama and the family fun involved in creating them.  The project greatly enhanced the overall love of the book and will hopefully lead to students reading more books in the Boxcar series over the summer break! 

Contact Person: 
Kim Gibson