Fourth grade student from Meadowview Elementary School was "Teacher for a Day."

Cameron B. stands in front of a Sierpinski triangle, reaching from floor to ceiling on the wall.Cameron B., works quickly on assignments, so in her spare time, while classmates are finishing up, she enjoys learning about new things. Cameron researched the mathematical phenomenon of fractals.

She had never heard of a fractal and was excited to discover all the information. Cameron gathered information via the internet, and wrote several pages of notes. Then she created a colorful PowerPoint presentation complete with graphics, animation and sounds.  


Upon finishing her project, Cameron presented her project to the other fourth grade classes. Students learned that a fractal (geometrical) is a series of a never ending pattern.  Well known fractals include snowflakes, eyes, rivers, coastlines, and clouds.  Cameron was particularly interested in the fractal represented in Sierpinski's triangle. Her teacher, Mrs. Stiltner, helped her find an activity where the students created a giant Sierpinski's triangle. The enormous triangle made up of many smaller triangles is located outside the office at Meadowview Elementary.  Students enjoyed learning about fractals, and Cameron has already started on her next project: Pascal’s Triangle. 

Contact Person: 
Elizabeth Belcher