Fourth Graders at Greendale Elementary Participate in Patriot Day

Three girls are smiling in the hallway after participating in a community service on Patriot Day.Mrs. Kiser fourth grade classes at Greendale Elementary School found a neat way to participate in Patriot Day this year.  Patriot Day takes place each year on September 11 in order to remember all who gave their lives on the fateful day. 

The class began by Mrs. Kiser reading 14 Cows for America, written by Wilson Kimeli Naiyomah.  It is the story of how a small village in Nairobi, Kenya gives their prize cattle to the American Embassy in order to show support for our country.  After discussing the events of September 11, the classes went outside to pick up trash as a community service.  This was a way for these fourth graders to show their support for their school. The students take a lot of pride in their school, and wanted it to look nice for Open House.  On September 12, the classes then read the book, September 12, a book written by a group of first graders from H. Byron Masterson Elementary in Kennett, MO. This book gave hope to all and relayed the message that everything was going to be okay.   Mrs. Kiser hopes that this will become a tradition at Greendale Elementary so that students can participate in community service on Patriot Day.