GES Creation and Innovation at its Best!

Three students, two girls and a boy are sitting at their student desks presenting their edible Lego projects made out of cookies and candy.Recently, all Greendale Elementary fifth-grade students were able to demonstrate creation and innovation at its best!! As a reward, for reaching 100% of accelerated reader and accelerated math goals for the entire second quarter; all students were engaged with an afternoon of S.T.E.M. activities. These activities were meant to resonate the newly founded, Lego Club theme of “Technology and Engineering at its Best”.

Students were given the materials needed to create “Edible Legos” and then given a free range to put engineering and resourcefulness to the test. After developing various industrial models to help improve today’s transportation and technical needs students wrote a brief synopsis of their findings. Afterward, the students engaged in meaningful discussions to determine which strategies and ideas brought about the best end results, in regards to technological advances and cost efficiency. Students were then allowed to truly get a taste of success by eating their delectable devices.

Contact Person: 
Barbara Matney