GES Fifth Grades Makes Beautiful Music

3 fifth grade students sitting with building materials.The fifth grade students at Greendale Elementary have just finished up their unit on sound.  As a culminating activity, they were posed with the following problem:  All of Mr. Fore’s musical instruments have been stolen and must be replaced. Your job is to make instruments and present them to Mr. Fore until the replacements are delivered.

The students were then instructed to work in groups of four to solve the problem.  Their criteria stated that the instrument must be able to produce sound, and to use that sound to play a pattern.  There were also limitations on what kinds of materials they were to use.  After their design briefs were approved, the students began to build their instruments.  Using items such as pipe, paper clips, rubber bands, tape, and tissue boxes, the students learned firsthand how to make instruments.  A special thank you goes to Mr. Dunn, our custodian, who helped with electrical tools.  Comments like “This is the best project ever!”, and “We had a great time!”, were heard along with the beautiful music that was made.  This cross- curricular STEM activity was truly a hit!

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Kim Kiser