GES Friendly Letters Help Our Heroes

3rd grader self portrait drawings.Students in Mrs. Reed's third grade class at Greendale have been working on friendly letters.  The students used their bodies to remember the parts of friendly letter.  To help them remember, students drew a self portrait and then labeled each part; head as heading; torso as body; knee as closing; and foot as signature.

The students put their knowledge to practice by writing thank you letters to their heroes.  Some students chose local heroes like Sheriff Newman, firemen, policemen, principal, teachers, and custodians.  However, many students chose soldiers to express their appreciation to.  Their letters were sent to Operation Gratitude in California.  The third graders received word that their letters would be placed in care packages to go to men and women serving our country overseas.  The students were so excited to think that their letter would encourage someone so far away, yet so close to home.

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Beth Reed