Glade Spring Middle School Gets Intense!

Team Intense showers the crowd with soda by tearing apart a 7up can.On September 16, Glade Spring Middle School hosted a special motivational program from Team Intense.  Team members, Josh Whisneant and Ken Etta amazed the audience with feats of strength such as rolling up a frying pan and bending a half inch diameter piece of steel into a twisted​ pretzel-like​ shape. 

The crowd was wowed (and splashed with diet 7up) when Mr. Whisneant broke full soda cans in half with his bare hands.  He then shared a powerful anti-alcohol and drugs message with the students.  They listened with rapt attention as he detailed a humorous account of the first and last time he drank beer and then continued with a more serious message of what can happen when friends drink alcohol and drive.  He closed the program with a reminder to students to be responsible and stick to positive influences and actions.  Mr. Etta then broke a wooden baseball bat just by using his bicep.  It was an exciting ​and meaningful ​program for students and teachers.