Glade Spring Middle School Says, “Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto”

A group of adults and students hold a giant check.Mr. Parkis Kennedy, Technology teacher at Glade Spring Middle School got a shocking but pleasant surprise this week.  Mr. Kennedy had applied for a CenturyLink grant for $499 for a project entitled Robotics Improvement.  The grant money was requested to expand the Robotics module which is one of several learning modules or workstations in the Technology Lab.

Robotics is a multifaceted field of study with a variety of robot types and controlling mechanisms. The workstation currently has a robotic arm to simulate industrial robots, and a Lego NXT robot with which students can learn about robotic mobility and sensors.  However, this module lacks equipment to offer a humanoid robotic experience.  CenturyLink came to the rescue with a much larger grant award.  Earlier this week, representatives from CenturyLink presented Mr. Kennedy with a check for $4,000!  Mr. Kennedy and his students were thrilled with the award and now there are funds to upgrade not only the Robotics module but other modules as well.  Glade Spring Middle Schools says a huge thank you to CenturyLink!  Domo Arigato, CenturyLink!

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Amy P Karnes