Glade Spring Middle School Teachers Dig It!

A female student and a man stand on opposite sides of a volleyball net.On October 31st, the girls’ volleyball team faced off against the faculty at Glade Spring Middle School in a little “friendly” volleyball match. 

Student spectators were certain that the volleyball team would win since they play daily and the faculty plays “weakly”.  The students won the first game and but the faculty won the second and third games, thus winning the match.  Principal, Mr. Kelly Holmes officiated the match with a lot of humor and a few questionable calls according to the student team.  Everyone had a fantastic time dancing to music provided by Coach John Norris, joining in the Wave, and cheering for their favorite team.  Members of the Faculty team included Lisa Roberts, Christina Greer, Jessica Stevenson, Kevin Addair, Bill Lester, Tami Counts, Sandy Frederick, Jonathan Mason, Keith Willliams, ​Diane Rector, ​and Meghan Tolliver.  The student team was coached by Mrs. Lisa McNeil.

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