Glade Spring Middle School World Heritage Club Goes Hungarian

A lady speaking to students in a classroom.Club Day at GSMS was filled with excitement for the Heritage Club sponsored by Mrs. Pam Mink.  After all, it’s not a typical day at school when you get to try on a Russian military uniform from WWII!  Andrea Moormans and members of her family visited with club members at their October meeting to share a bit of their Hungarian heritage.

Andrea’s father, Zoltan is a survivor of both WWII and the Hungarian Uprising of 1956.  Many people today do not know about the struggle of the Hungarian people following WWII.  Zoltan is a hero, for he not only participated in protests against the Russian government, but carried a 12 year old girl through Hungary over into Austria, so she and her family could escape the communist rule overtaking Hungary. Although not planning to escape himself, the family offered him a place to stay with them as they made their way to America.  Because of that decision, he would not see his parents or siblings in Hungary for 16 years, after which time he was first allowed to go back without fear of punishment or imprisonment. Members of the Heritage Club were treated with the sounds of beautiful Hungarian music, native costumes, a Hungarian language lesson, and pictures of Budapest. Their guests even brought Hungarian cookies to share! The cookies were so tasty, everyone wanted a copy of the recipe.

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Lisa Henderson