The Greendale Choir Begins a New Semester

Approximately 37 student, boys and girls, wearing green choir polo shirts, stand on risers on a stage with a black curtain behind them.The Greendale Choir began rehearsals on Tuesday, January 13 for the spring semester. Mr. Fore is happy to welcome 10 new members to the choir, and is looking forward to helping them catch up on our two competition pieces as well as teaching the entire choir our new songs for the semester.

The choir has a lot of exciting events in store for them and their audience for the spring.  On Saturday, April 25, the Greendale Choir will have its annual SpringFest retreat. This year, Mr. Fore is proud to welcome to SpringFest guest director Jane Morison of the Mountain Empire Children’s Choral Academy.  Mrs. Morison is an outstanding children’s choir director, and will bring her high level of expertise to the choir as we put the final preparations on our two competition pieces for our Dollywood trip on Saturday, May 9. The choir will also sing their annual Spring Concert on Thursday, May 14. These are but a handful of the many things Mr. Fore has planned for the Greendale Choir for the remainder of this school year.

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Brad Fore