Greendale Elementary Lion Helpers 2014-15

A fifth grader is helping three younger children build a community out of building blocks on the floor in front of the cubicles.Students are participating in an important helping opportunity at Greendale Elementary School through the Guidance and Counseling Program.

Fifth Graders who have met their Accelerated Reading Goals and who have met their A Math Goals can participate in a program where they help other students or help teachers around the building. Students complete an application, participate in an interview and also get teacher referrals before they can participate in the program. After that, students sign in and out to work and wear badges to show when they work. Helpers get to design their own badges and also get to help with other activities such as Career Day and Red Ribbon Week. Students help others by reading to other students, helping in the library or delivering bus or car rider passes. These Greendale Lion Helpers learn responsibility and the importance of helping others. We are thankful for these students.

Contact Person: 
Jennifer Ramseyer