Greendale Elementary School Making Good Choices in “Real-Life”

3 students standing at a table.Third Graders at Greendale Elementary School recently participated in a “real-life” simulation called The Kidz Marketplace provided by 4-H.

Students were given a job and a salary, and were then asked to show their abilities in making smart economic choices. After studying economics in class, students were ready to demonstrate their knowledge of making a budget, purchasing needs and wants,  describing opportunity costs, and saving for the future and unexpected costs. Haley H. spoke about wanting to purchase a high-cost eating plan, but instead choosing a cheaper, healthier alternative in order to save money. Madison S. learned that choosing cheaper options in the beginning of the activity (first of the month) was a wiser economic choice because it allowed a person to purchase more expensive things at the end of the activity (end of the month).

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Donna Dwyer