Greendale Elementary School Music Makers!

A boy playing handmade pan flute.The fifth grade classes at Greendale Elementary School recently wrapped their study on sound.  Using a design brief from the VDOE, the students were posed this problem:  “We have a problem here at school."

Mr. Fore, our Music teacher, has lost all of the instruments and needs more for his music classes.  "Please make an instrument to add to his collection.”   With this problem in mind, the students were given a list of criteria they were to follow. Along with the criteria, they were given a timeline, supplies list, and a rubric.  The students also were instructed to write a paragraph describing their instrument, as well as write a tune to play on their masterpiece.  The results were amazing!  We have many musical prodigies here at Greendale.  Thanks to Mr. Fore who helped judge the instruments, and for his expertise.

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Kim Kiser