Greendale Second Graders Show Their Cents

Boy placing drops of water on a penny.Greendale second grade students participated in a science experiment to find out how much water the face of a penny will hold.  No one thinks of a penny as holding water, but did you know they will hold several drops of water on their face?

Students were asked to first come up with a hypothesis about how many drops of water would stay on a penny before it began to run off.  Many guessed 5, 6, 10 drops.  They were amazed when they were able to put 20, 25, 30 drops on a penny.  They ended up learning that it is the surface tension of the water that allows such a large amount of water to sit on the face of a penny before spilling off.   The students thoroughly enjoyed the experiment and left wanting to do more!  They found out that science truly is FUN!

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Dell Jones