GSMS 8th Grade Band Receives Superior Ratings at the VBODA

Band wearing black and white on a stage playing instruments.The GSMS 8th grade band performed at the VBODA District 7 Concert Assessment on March 17th. The assessment is comprised of performing three selections for three judges, who grade the band on all Virginia band SOLs and rate them accordingly.

Following the stage performance, the band is asked to perform a "sight reading" selection for a 4th judge. The director has seven minutes to talk students through the music, but cannot rehearse any of the music before the conclusion of the allotted time. At that point, the band must perform the music as if it were for a formal concert. 

Bands are free to select the difficulty level of the music they perform at assessment. Music is graded in difficulty from grade 1 being very easy, to grade 6 being very difficult. GSMS chose to perform grade 3 which is considered the most difficult grade level for middle school groups. The band received all superior ratings from the stage judges and the sight-reading judge. Congratulations to the GSMS 8th grade band and their directors, Mr. Bob Ballengee and Mr. Pete Marcum.

Contact Person: 
Lisa Henderson