GSMS Poets Are Published

Twenty-one students sitting and standing in a hall smiling.Glade Spring Middle School is proud to announce that several of Mrs. Tolliver’s 7th English students were chosen to be published in the annual Creative Communications poetry anthology.  Students spent several weeks studying different types of poetry and writing original examples of each.

Then they submitted their poems to the online Creative Communications poetry contest (  Twenty three very creative and talented students were chosen to be published in the hardcover anthology.  Those students were:  Riley A., Summer B., Kaitlyn H., Logan H., Aleshia H., Abbey H., Ella J., Landon J., Amelia J., McKinley K., Breeona M., Jamie M., Isaac N., Dylan P., Hannah P., Amber P., Chyenne R., Katie R., Sara R., Ethan S., Natalie S., Jenna T., Dylan W..  Congratulations to all of these brilliant students!

Contact Person: 
Meghan Tolliver