GSMS Students Explore Flower Arranging in Agriscience Class

Two girls and one boy sitting making flower arrangements.Students in Mrs. Rhudy’s 8th grade Agriscience class explored basic flower arranging to finish up their 12 week exploratory class at GSMS. Students learned about the history of flower arranging from the ancient Egyptian's methods and designs, through the famous Greek Head Wreaths, past the Middle Ages tussy-mussy bouquets, to the influence of the French Baroque and American Victorian Age.

Students saw how different methods of flowers were arranged based on the trend of certain time periods. They also studied the Japanese practice of Ikebana, which means "making flowers live". Ikebana focuses on three elements: heaven, man, and earth. Students brought in pumpkins to be the base of their own arrangements and made simple centerpieces using chrysanthemums, carnations, daisy mums, and leatherleaf foliage.

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Lisa Henderson