GSMS: Whodunit? A Sixth Grade Mystery

3 women standing with 2 of them wearing hats smiling.The end of a school year can be boring and stressful with testing and end of year blahs.  But not at Glade Spring Middle School, where students have been busy solving a mystery based on the game of CLUE!  Mrs. Mink set the stage for a murder mystery in her classroom complete with clues, props, and of course writing opportunities.

The students found clues that led them to witnesses that could provide answers about the night in question.  After discovering "whodunnit," the students then had to write a crime scene police report and turn the facts into a newspaper article full of witness testimony and motives related to the event.  Twists and turns were discovered which allowed for another opportunity to write a follow-up newspaper story.  The kids were excited and loved the interaction with the office staff and Coach Norris who played the parts of Miss Scarlett, Mrs. Peacock, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, and Professor Plum.

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Pam Mink