HHS Anatomy Classes Tour ETSU Anatomy Lab

Several high school students stand in a group with their teachers outside of a university science building.The Anatomy Classes from Holston High School recently toured the Anatomy Lab at East Tennessee State University and the Hands On! Regional Museum in Johnson City, Tennessee. The students augmented their classroom studies by viewing a display at the museum called “Our Body: The Universe Within”.

The display is designed to demonstrate the complexities of the human body and how all things must be in sync in order for a body to be functional. There were over 200 specimens available for viewing. Those remains were preserved with a process called polymer impregnation, which prevents decaying.

Once the tour of the Hands On! Museum was complete, the students traveled to the ETSU Quillen College of Medicine. There they toured the university’s anatomy lab and received an introduction to the mission and purpose of the lab. Holston teachers Joe Smith and Steve Ahn accompanied the students. Ray Bell of the Marsh Regional Blood Center provided the Hands On! Tickets. ETSU faculty and staff, including Dr. Caroline Abercrombie, Rob Becker, Dr.Tom Kwasigroch, Doug Taylor, and Anthony Jancovich helped make the trip a success.

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Jackson Barker