HHS Students Appear on Nationally Distributed Video

An adult male with video recording equipment sits across from a male high school student.  He is interviewing the student.On March 25, 2015, Videographer Tom Henwood visited Holston High School to interview students for WISE Financial Literacy.  Henwood was out to discover the methods that the Holston students and their teacher, Joy Munsey, have been using to perform so well on the WISE Financial Literacy Test.

WISE stands for Working in Support of Education.  Students who complete the coursework and pass the post-test are given a nationally recognized certificate.  The certificate also insures that they will receive a credential toward graduation for their class.  Henwood interviewed students who have already passed the post-test and those who are currently preparing to take the post-test in April.

Holston's classes are renowned for their performance on the test.  Two years ago, Mrs. Munsey's students ranked 24th in the nation.  Last year, they bettered their performance and finished 7th.  Holston is one of two schools in the nation that will appear in the WISE video.  Because of the outstanding results her classes achieved, Mrs. Munsey was awarded a trip last year to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) where she met with other teachers and business leaders.  Holston is honored to have the recognition and congratulates Mrs. Munsey and her students on their continued success.

The completed video will be featured at the awards program hosted by WISE and the NYSE on April 20th.  The program will honor the top 30 WISE high schools.

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Jackson Barker