HHS Students Tour Fish Hatchery

Students walk beside a concrete pool used for hatching trout. They are looking down at the various sized fish.On September 25th, students from Holston High School’s Ecology and Natural Resources Classes toured the Marion Trout Hatchery. Students got a look at the entire process of trout production. The Marion Trout Hatchery is the oldest of Virginia’s trout culture facilities. Trout are spawned, hatched, and reared at this facility, with many of them then transported to other stations. Trout from Marion are stocked in the waters of far southwest Virginia. 

Thanks to a grant from the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and Trout Unlimited, the students were able to set up and use a miniature hatching facility right in the Ecology classroom. The above agencies provided an aquarium equipped with filtration systems and refrigeration. The baby trout have hatched and once they have reached fingerling stage, they will be released into Straight Branch. Teachers Steve Ahn and Sarah Scyphers led the students on the learning adventure.

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