High Point 5th Graders Are Art Illusionists

A circle on black and white checker pattern appearing 3-D.Over the past few weeks in Art class at High Point Elementary School, our fifth grade students have been learning about many different types of art, including optical illusions. Using a variety of drawing techniques, our students have managed to make circles appear to jump right off the paper, and make worms grow and shrink without ever leaving the paper.

Optical Art, or "Op Art", gained popularity around the 1960's. The art movement was known for creating works of art that appeared to move or trick the human eye by appearing to do something impossible. However, the idea of "fooling the eye" has been around since the time of the old masters.  Op Art is the marriage of art, mainly color and line, and mathematical precision. Depending on the style of Op art, artists may use a variety of
mediums to create it. Our fifth graders used markers for color, and chalk pastels to add shading.

This has consistently been one of the most favorite fifth grade projects and when put on display in the school hallways, all students and staff enjoy getting lost in these wonderful illusions!

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Steven Cregger