High Point Elementary "Can" Do It!

A painted can with eyes. I can. You can. Everybody can! This humble can is painted blue and dotted with wiggle-eyes. Now, this might seem strange, but it serves as a motivator for second grade students at High Point Elementary School. Mrs. Shumate calls it her "eye can."

This funny object shows up on the desks of students all over second grade when a child needs encouragement. It is not easy to say , "I can't" when you have the "eye can" right there in front of you! The "eye can" always brings a smile. Teachers know the abilities of their students are limitless as long as they keep positive and keep going. This is a winning attitude to have at any age.  So, when the task before you seems too hard and you feel like giving up, remember our silly wiggly-eyed, blue can. Maybe you will be inspired to smile like HPES kids and say, "I can!"

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Cathy Shumate