High Point Elementary Fourth Grade Student Wins Scholarship

High Point Fourth Grade Student Sits with Cabbage.Owen A., a fourth grader at High Point Elementary School, has been entered into the Bonnie Plants drawing for a $1,000 scholarship.  

Last year, as part of the 3rd grade cabbage program, Owen was given a cabbage plant.  Each year Bonnie Plants gives cabbage plants to third-grade students to plant, water, and watch grow.  Owen reported that he planted the cabbage in his garden and put something on it to keep the animals away. With the help of his family, Owen watered the plant weekly and put up chicken wire to keep the deer from eating it.

When asked about his cabbage plant, Owen stated, “I was surprised at how big that little plant got.  I hope I win the $1,000 scholarship!”

Owen’s cabbage weighed in at 10 pounds and 13 ounces!  Great job, Owen!