High Point Elementary Pre-K Students Learn About Letters!

A group of children sitting on a multicolored rug holding papers to learn letters.Preschoolers at High Point Elementary learned about the letter X.  As we all know, X marks the spot on a pirate treasure map, so our theme was pirates. As part of their study on pirates, the students learned about maps and telescopes. The children learned that different maps can show us different information.

For example, the students learned that a globe is a map of the world, and that ship captains can use latitude and longitude from the globe to get to their destination. They also viewed maps from popular theme parks, our school, and the state of Virginia. While studying the maps, students learned the purpose of a map legend. They also learned that symbols on a map could be very meaningful. As we continued to study pirates, our preschoolers learned that telescopes were used to look at things from a distance. We concluded our week of learning by making our own telescopes and going on a treasure hunt using our own treasure map.

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Meredith Doane