High Point Elementary Preschoolers Are Dino-rific!

Children sitting on a rug reading books.This week, preschoolers at High Point Elementary have been studying dinosaurs. As part of our study on dinosaurs, students have been working very hard to learn valuable kindergarten skills. During small group instruction, the children used rhyming with dinosaur puppets as a way to learn ordinal numbers.

They also participated in a dinosaur toss to review beginning sounds. The students then utilized dinosaur books to learn about concept of print. When looking at the dinosaur books, children discussed what the job of the author and illustrator was, and they learned how to find the title and the title page. After looking at the cover of the book, students learned about tracking words and were able to use their knowledge of phonics and sight words to read the books. The students were very excited to be able to read books to their teachers and friends. 

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Meredith Doane