High Point Elementary School 2nd Graders are Pen Pals!

A group of students smiling.Got mail?  Mrs. Ratliff's 2nd grade class at High Point Elementary is participating in a pen pal exchange program with other 2nd grade classes throughout the United States.  Our first letter and postcard was received this week from Washington.

Students were so excited to receive mail and learn about the Evergreen State.  As each postcard is delivered, we discuss the capital, state bird, state flower along with bordering states and interesting facts.  Students also calculate the distance between our school and the school in which the card is received.  Postcards will be displayed on a map of the United States to document our travels.  Students will sharpen up writing skills while sending letters to other 2nd grade classrooms.  We are anxiously waiting for our next delivery!

Contact Person: 
Jennifer Ratliff