High Point Elementary School: BIG Elephants Drawn with BIG Talent

A drawing of a gray elephant.Throughout the year, fifth grade students at High Point Elementary learn an immense amount of artistic techniques and skills that they apply to their artwork. Some of the skills they learn harken back to previous lessons and pieces, and some are brand new.

Shading, adding a highlight and a shadow in order to create depth, is originally taught in second grade at High Point, but it is honed and perfected over the course of several years. These fifth grade elephant drawings are a culmination of many lessons taught by Art teacher Mr. Cregger, and hours of practice by each student.

Shading objects is more than coloring some parts light and some parts dark. Students have to think critically about where light would brighten an object, and where light cannot reach, hence a shadow. The study of geometric solids such as spheres and cylinders also comes into play when shading objects such as elephants. Lastly, these elephants are drawn on 18'x24' paper, which is much larger than many of the projects completed in class. But when your subject matter is one of the largest mammals on the planet, the size is warranted.

Artistic talent is abundant at High Point, as illustrated in this majestic elephant by fifth grade artist Katie B.

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Steven Cregger