High Point Elementary School Fourth Graders Observed National Chemistry Week at Eastman Chemical Co.

Students conducting science experiments.High Point Elementary fourth grade students attended Eastman’s National Chemistry week.  Students learned about natural magnets and the rotation of the earth and how mixing chemicals makes chemiluminescence liquid which makes the glow happen in glass tubing.

The students participated in a variety of activities including identifying the differences between acids and bases, the use of blacklights to show the fluorescence of objects, and they were able to look at themselves as seen with a thermal imaging camera. Adrianna L. attempted to “sink” the dropper in a 2 liter bottle to show the effect of air pressure and density experiments. In addition, students listened intently and made observations during a demonstration of crystal formations. The Eastman representative gave a very informative presentation about the types and process of the rock cycle. Students got a good look at a crystal that had just been “created” through a chemical reaction. Students were given the opportunity to participate and observe various demonstrations. All were excited about the stations, and curiosity about chemistry and science was truly enhanced by the Eastman presentations.

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Lisa Walden