High Point Elementary School Preschool Studies Community Helpers!

High Point Preschool Student Stands with a Police Officer.This week, preschool students at High Point Elementary studied community helpers. The children learned that a community is a place where people live, work, and play.  The students also learned about different people who work in our community.  

Some of the helpers the students learned about were police officers, fire fighters, doctors, nurses, dentists, construction workers, and mechanics.  One of the big ideas students learned was that police officers and fire fighters help keep us safe.  In class, the students discussed why we need police officers and fire fighters as well as the other helpers they had learned about.  To wrap up the week of community helpers, preschool students got to meet members of the Abingdon Police Department.  The officers talked to the students about staying safe and explained ways that the children could keep themselves from harm.  The officer’s also showed the children the equipment they use on the job.  The students were then allowed to tour the officer’s police car.  Each child was given the opportunity to sit in the front of the car as well as the back.  This was a great experience and the preschool students enjoyed getting to know real police officers.

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Meredith Doane