High Point Fifth Graders Know Even, Odd, Prime, or Composite Numbers

HPES Fifth Grade Students Display their Work on Numbers.Fifth grade students at High Point Elementary School have been learning a lot in math. Students thought they knew everything about even and odd numbers-until they started experimenting to find out what happens when you add even and odd numbers together in different combinations.

The results were surprising to many students! Students have been learning how to tell whether a number is prime or composite.  At the end of the unit, students had to do a number project. They had to choose a number between two and one hundred, tell if the number was even or odd, and determine if it was prime or composite.  Students wrote factors and multiples of the number and made an array to represent the number. Students’ personalities shone through, as their numbers reflected their favorite sports players, race car drivers, and even hobbies that are special to them. Great job on your number projects, fifth grade!

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Tracey Jones