High Point Fifth Graders Order Decimals With Stem Tracks!

A group of students with their project.Fifth grade students in Miss Williams' class at High Point Elementary School learned how to order decimals from least to greatest and then got to put their skills to use with race tracks!

Students worked in teams to plan, design, and engineer race tracks using a variety of materials, such as pool noodles, posterboard, cardboard, duct tape, etc.  Their goal was to create the fastest race track in the class.  The students conducted trial runs with matchbox cars, ordering their times from least to greatest, in order to determine the fastest design.  Working under a time limit, the students had to work together to combine their ideas and build their race tracks efficiently.  Each team’s race track was tested, timed, and recorded, and the students ordered the times from least to greatest to determine the winner.

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Ginna Williams