High Point First Grade Celebrates Gingerbread Week!

A group of children holding up their projects and smiling.During the first week of December this year, students in Mrs. Egan’s first grade class celebrated Gingerbread Week. The students read a variety of books about gingerbread characters including “Gingerbread Baby”, “Gingerbread Pirates”, “Gingerbread Mouse”, and “The Gingerbread Girl”.

They compared and contrasted the story lines, characters, and settings of each book and, at the end of the week, picked their favorite book. Students wrote about their favorite book and then created their own gingerbread story. The gingerbread theme was also present during math time through the week. Students reviewed their addition and subtraction skills with gingerbread activities. They also created a gingerbread glyph with facts about themselves. The week culminated in making a gingerbread craft while snacking on gingerbread cookies! What a yummy week at High Point Elementary!

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Meredith Doane