High Point Kindergarten Celebrates 100 Days of School

A group students in costumes.High Point Elementary kindergarten students were extremely excited to come to school on the 100th day of school.  They were so excited they aged more than 90 years overnight!  Students came dressed as if they were 100 years old.

Their outfits were amazing but the excitement and smiles could not be beat.  They chose to wear clothing that represented what a 100 year old would wear.  They wore glasses, hair rollers, and some students even needed a cane to get around.  The kindergarten teachers at High Point Elementary planned several learning activities surrounding the 100th day of school.  Students presented projects where they used the number 100 to complete.  Some students brought in posters and others brought in 100 treats to share with the class.  Students read books and wrote stories about what they would do if they had one hundred dollars or what they would be doing if they were 100 years old.  What a great day to be one hundred!

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Shannon Arwood