High Point Kindergarten Students Investigate Pumpkins

A child dressed as Batman crouched in front of a clear container filled with water with a pumpkin floating in it. Kindergarten students at High Point Elementary School celebrated the week of Halloween investigating pumpkins. Students enjoyed reading stories about pumpkins, measuring pumpkins, comparing pumpkins, determining and testing whether a pumpkin will sink or float, and carving their class pumpkin.

Students also enjoyed recording their findings in their personal pumpkin journals. They estimated how big around they thought their class pumpkin would be and determined whether their string was too long, too short, or just right. The students also estimated and determined the length of their class pumpkin using connecting cubes. Students guessed and determined whether their pumpkin would sink or float. Drayden M. in Mrs. Arwood’s kindergarten class had the honor of placing the class pumpkin in the tub of water. The students were excited to see that their pumpkin would float!

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Meredith Doane