High Point Second Grade Students Make Native American Housing Projects

A second grade student presents her Powhatan longhouse made from tree bark and mosses.

High Point Elementary’s second graders demonstrated their knowledge of Native American Housing with handmade projects of tee pees, pueblos, and longhouses. Students created and presented replicas of the homes the Powhatan, Pueblo, and Lakota tribes would have lived in.

Students used common house-hold items, craft materials, and materials found outside to replicate how Native Americans lived several hundred years ago. 

These second graders also polished their public speaking skills be presenting a report along with their projects with facts about the replica they built. Students researched and reported on the type of home they built, the tribe associated with that home, the ways of life of that tribe, and what life was like living in the region their tribe was found. 

Contact Person: 
Caitlin Bailey