High Point Student Goes “Hollywood”

A little boy holding a shopping cart dressed in winter clothes.High Point Elementary School has their very own movie star!  Miller R. is a second grader who had an opportunity of a lifetime when he and his mother were chosen as extras for the film “Believe” that was filmed, in part, in downtown Bristol.

Miller says he had so much fun!  He said although he was dressed for winter, it was filmed when it was warm so he got very hot in his costume.  His best memory was of Ryan Issac Brown, the young actor who played one of the main characters, “C.J.” The 2 boys became fast friends on the set.

Believe is about a small town manufacturing plant owner, Matthew, who is having hard times, financially. Since his company is broke, he wants to stop sponsoring the town’s beloved Christmas pageant.  Matthew becomes overwhelmed by his life-problems and learns lessons about believing and relying on faith.

The film is set in Grundy, Virginia and is written and directed by Billy Dickson.  We are all so very proud of our own little movie star.  We hope to see Miller in more movies in the future!

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Jill Matchett