High Point Students Meet Chris Michaels!

A man and a group of children sitting on the floor.High Point Elementary’s second grade students got the 2016-2017 school year off to a great start!  WCYB’s meteorologist, Chris Michaels came to speak to the children about all things weather-related.

Students were prepared with many questions for Mr. Michaels to answer.  Chris Michaels was so informative and had such a fun way of explaining weather, like hail and snow, to performing demonstrations of catastrophes like tornadoes and earthquakes! We learned all about floods and blizzards, but the tornado demonstration was the most popular.  He even told the kids what they would need to make their own “Tornado in a Pickle Jar” at home.  I bet there were a lot of parents wondering why their kids were suddenly wanting pickles at every meal!  The entire second grade shared a lot of laughs, learned lots and had a fabulous time with our new friend!  We would like to thank WCYB for sharing their meteorologist with us.  We surely had a wonderful time.

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Jeniffer Ratliff